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We work directly with families to help students meet their educational goals. High school students pave their own path to college with us by finding schools that are their best fit and presenting their story and strengths through their applications and essays. Students of all ages learn executive functioning skills within group and individual coaching sessions to prepare them for a lifetime of success.


Provide Support as You Reach Your Goals

There is a lot of pressure on high school and college students these days. Having someone guide you through the college application process and help you find the best fit schools reduces stress for students and parents. Staying organized, managing time, and learning how to reduce your procrastination will increase confidence and performance.

Whether you are seeking us out for college and career planning or executive functioning skills coaching, we’re here to listen to the obstacles that brought you to us and help you navigate towards the success you want to see in the future.

Students are capable and resourceful; we're here to guide them on their path to success. Throughout our time together, they will grow in confidence as they work towards their goals.

Overcoming an obstacle or getting into college is just the beginning, as our students gain skills and strategies that will help them as they take the next steps towards lifelong success.
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“Propel Smart is amazing! I cannot recommend Propel Smart's College Placement Services enough. They perform testing for aptitude and then really delve into what a student wants from a school. I hardly touched the entire college selection and application process - Propel Smart and my child did it all. Lot's of College Placement services say they have expertise in E.F., L.D. or anxiety but Propel Smart really does. They found colleges I was unaware of and amazing fits. They literally spent 1-2 hours a week with my child. If you figure your family is making an investment in college of $55-$75k per year, than paying Propel Smart to find a school where your child can be happy and really succeed is simply the best return or investment you can get. My only question is how they can do so much and charge so little. This really is a different level of college placement services than other places offer.”


Through coaching my son has learned to better organize his time and he's seeing more consistent and improved grades. In addition, he feels less stressed about homework because he's getting to it sooner. We see improvement and we are so happy for him. Thank you!


It has been an undisclosed number of years since I went to college. It is so different now than when I applied and I felt overwhelmed trying to help my daughter with the process. Then I found Megan! Angels started singing and I knew I could trust her to handle the process for me. The amount of stress lifted off of my shoulders was immeasurable! She truly helps with every little thing along the way; things I never even knew existed! I will soon be signing up my other daughter to work with Megan Stahl Smith!! We are so thankful for Megan!!!!

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