College Planning

We work with students as early as the second semester of their 8th grade year to begin planning a roadmap towards college admissions and welcome older students at any point during their high school years.


Reduce Family Stress

We work with the student to offer guidance throughout the college planning and application process. In passing that often daunting project off to the experts, families are able to truly enjoy the final years that their teen is at home.

  • Personalized Timeline
  • Advance Due Dates
  • Long and Short-Term Goals
  • Encouragement and Reminders
What that Includes

Comprehensive College Plan

Self Discovery

Through the process of psychometric testing, students learn more about their aptitudes and interests. They explore how their strengths can be utilized in academic settings and in future career choices.

Roadmap to College

Students follow a timeline and receive personal reminders to ensure that all parts of the process are completed ahead of any due dates.

ACT & SAT Test Prep

Knowing both college admissions and how students learn best, we provide exclusive test prep services for our students.

The "Just Right" List

Through activities, conversations, campus visits, and research, students help create a balanced list of colleges that they're excited about.


Essays come together naturally when we walk students through the process of authentically telling their story, rather than answering prompts. Rounds of revisions and edits produce a polished piece that they are proud to submit.


Students complete and submit applications that focus on their strengths and reflect the characteristics they possess that colleges are looking for.

Working Together

College Prep Meetings

Engaging Sessions

Activities are planned to promote self-exploration and reflection. Through conversations, students and parents alike learn what is important to them in the journey to college and beyond.

In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Our pre-college meetings are held in person and virtually in Loudoun County, Virginia and in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, California. Virtual meetings are available for students in other areas.

Small Graduating Class Sizes

Knowing our students and families well is crucial to providing them with individualized support. Although we work 1:1 with students, we also limit the size of each graduating class that we work with. This allows students to work consistently with the same consultant throughout the process.


Package and Hourly

Comprehensive Package

In the comprehensive package, we meet individually with students to customize a curriculum and provide resources throughout the journey.

Over the course of 40+ meetings, we work with students from Spring of 8th grade on to complete tasks from test prep to application support.

|We review transcripts, activities, and awards to build a resume together.
|We provide a custom timeline, to stay ahead of deadlines and due dates.
|We help the student learn more about themself through psychometric testing to gain clarity on how their unique aptitudes and interests can lead to later success in a major and career.
|We build a college list that fits academically, socially, and financially utilizing a professional portal that students access through our website.
|We give guidance as parents and students fill out the FAFSA, CSS, and come to understand the financial aid process.
|We include individualized test prep and strategize on whether to submit SAT and/or ACT scores.
|We help each student brainstorm, review, and edit their Common Application essay, short answers, and additional essays so that anyone reading their words learns about the student's strengths and how they have grown as a person over the years. And as students look towards submitting their applications, we discuss EA, ED, REA, and RD applications and help students decide when the best time to apply may be.

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Consultants are available for hourly sessions as schedules allow around meetings with students on comprehensive plans.

Plan Details

Comprehensive Package

What Students will Do?
  • Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Plan purposeful class schedules, activities, and volunteer projects

    Explore personal strengths, college majors, and careers

    Create a balanced college list

    Brainstorm, write, and edit essays and applications

    Choose the best school and plan for the future

Plan Details


What do students learn?
  • Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • 1:1 Meeting Support for Non-Comprehensive Clients

    Scholarship Support for Comprehensive Clients

What's next?

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