What are Executive Functioning Skills?

Executive Functions include time management, organization, planning, task initiation, working memory, emotional regulation...


May 11, 2022

Today starts a new series I'll be writing about Executive Functioning Skills. Each week I'll write about one executive function skill and how it affects your life. Sometimes understanding the root of a problem is helpful. Today is an overview of executive functioning skills, so you'll know what to expect in our upcoming series.

Depending on the expert you ask, there are between 3 and 12 executive functions. I'm breaking it into eight skills, but we'll break the skill down further in each post. The eight executive functions are: time awareness, organization, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, self-awareness, emotional regulation, working memory, and flexible thinking.

As we explore each topic, you will see that there is a lot of overlap between the skill areas. That overlap can be frustrating, but it also means that you may find it helps in more ways than you initially expected when you implement one strategy well. Strategies will have a lot of overlap across skill sets, so when you see one repeated, it's a reminder that it can be helpful in multiple ways. Tools can also be multi-functional. One of the most valuable tools in my life is my alarm on my phone. It wakes me up in the morning, but it also reminds me to do a task I might otherwise forget or bring materials with me right before walking out the door. Also, I've used it to remember to take mediation or stop procrastinating and get back to work. I label each alarm to remember why it is going off at a specific time.

I hope you'll find this series helpful. Over the next eight weeks, we will explore each executive function and share strategies for improving your skills. If you have any questions you would like answered in the upcoming articles, please email me at christy@propelsmart.com.

**If you would like to learn more about executive functioning skills coaching, please email, call, or schedule a discovery meeting.
Until next time, have a satisfying and productive day!**


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