Amherst College Visit

On a recent visit to Amherst College, we had the privilege of taking in the beautiful, fall views while....

Propel Smart

April 8, 2022

On a recent visit to Amherst College, we had the privilege of taking in the beautiful, fall views while we learned more about the school and the roll it plays in The Five College Consortium.  Amherst, along with Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith Colleges, and the University of Massachusetts are all nestled within 10 miles of each other.  Students are encouraged to take courses at the neighboring schools, in an effort to broaden their college experience.  Advisors work closely with students as they build their course load, allowing them access to 6,000 courses.  A bus system is provided to shuttle students fro

m campus-to-campus, and many students choose to travel for up to half of their classes.

While there are 30,000 students spread out across the 5 campuses, Amherst has retained a small, traditional campus feel since 1821.  With just 1,849 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1, many classes have under 20 students.  Amherst boasts a 93% graduation rate, with 80% feeling well-prepared as they go on to graduate school.

In addition to the relationships students are able to build with faculty due to the low ratio, Amherst offers support for students who learn differently.  A campus guide shared that something that has been a tremendous support for her is Accessibility Services providing a peer to attend classes with her and take notes, so that she can focus on the lecture.  While Amherst is an academically challenging college, with 83% of students hav

ing graduated from high school in the top 10%, they ensure that all students have access to the curriculum.

Amherst is also proud of the diversity that can be seen across campus.  The student body is comprised of students from 54 different countries.  Of the nearly 2,000 students who attend, 57% receive financial aid.  On average, students who qualify for aid receive $55,000, allowing many access.

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