Class of 2020!

 Are you ready for the final push to get ready for college? It’s almost...

Propel Smart

April 8, 2022

Ready, set, action!!!
Hi there Class of 2020!  Are you ready for the final push to get ready for college?  It’s almost application time.  During the summer is a great time to get a jump start on your applications, especially those essay prompts!

The Common Application has their essay prompts here.  Over 800 schools in the US take the common app including all 8 Ivy Schools (these schools also have supplemental essay prompts that aren’t released for this year yet) and many VA universities.  The University of Virginia uses the common app but also has 2 half page essays specifically for UVA, one is specific to the college you are applying to within the University. UVA also accepts the Coalition Application (see below).  George Mason uses the Common App unless you are interested in their Korea program or are only applying to George Mason, then you can use their exclusive application.  More information is available here.

The Coalition Application essay prompts can be found here. The Coalition Application is used by 140 colleges and universities including The College of William and Mary (who also accepts the common app) and Virginia Tech.

The Universal Application is the third option.  This is accepted at fewer colleges but if the college(s) you are applying to accepts it as an option you may want to compare the applications and see if there is a format that is more comfortable for you.  The essay prompts for the Universal Application can be found here.

Summer is a great time to start brainstorming and writing some rough drafts of those college essays!  This is your opportunity to tell the colleges who you are and how you have been able to learn and grow through your unique experiences!


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